So... What is this? Painting?

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So... What is this? Painting?

Well, yes, if you think of a painting in terms of patches of color applied with your hands. Indeed, there is a lot of color interaction in my work, and the shapes are natural and organic. This is because the work is made completely from fingerprints. Nothing else is used, not even paint. Instead I use a computer. To begin, a hand gesture (moving or stationary) is collected on a regular office scanner. Then organic shapes are selected from the resulting mutated fingerprints and recombined to create complex motifs. The motifs are in turn collaged together into new abstract compositions. Following is a short video demonstrating the process, and a detailed series of articles examining my making process.

Short demonstration
Solo Chronicles First Installment
Solo Chronicles Second Installment
Solo Chronicles Third Installment
Solo Chronicles Final Installment


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