Custom Made

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Custom Made

Every product on Essential Editions is either custom made or one of a kind. Why is this so great?
  • You get unique exclusive products direct from the designer.
  • These items will never be found on a clearance rack.
  • Custom made is better for the environment.
  • You choose the level of customization…request alterations to suit your tastes.

Clothing and home goods found in brick-and-mortar stores and even a lot of internet retailers have been produced in large quantities and distributed around the world before they make it to you. Not only does this mean that anyone in your circle of friends might already own the same item, it also consumes resources based on an idea of how many might sell. If too many are produced, the remainders go to the off-price retailers. If too few are produced, it might be hard to find it in your size. And what about all that fuel used for shipping products around the world? 

Creating my products on demand eliminates all that, and it also gives you more choices. Say you like a garment I offer, but you need a different shade for your skin tone. Or maybe your living room needs a certain accent color. I will gladly make alterations to suit your situation. If you like the changes we’ve made, you can order it, then it gets produced and shipped directly to your door. 

And if it’s not right? Returns are always welcome… even on custom alterations! 

In the next installment I’ll point out some other features of buying on Essential Editions, as well as why you should Order Early.


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