Omit Needless Art

Omit Needless Art

Work on the Essential Editions 2.0 is well underway. 2.0 will offer several versions of one design on a range of products. The catch is, each edition will be available for a short time only (possibly a month or less).

Through the process of reevaluating my website I was trying to drill down to what didn't feel right, when I realized I was holding on too hard, overthinking everything. I had an art professor who helped me learn the difference between thinking and responding in art. Thinking is akin to planning, anticipating, expecting, wanting. Responding is more about being in the moment, reacting to something and then responding to that reaction, and observing the result. More like being a participant rather than a director.

Creating a website has not been the pleasure I would like it to be, and nothing like creating art. I'm never in the moment, I'm always anticipating something, always wanting a particular result. Instead I want my website to be a continuation of my art making process, showing you what I'm working on now, not two years ago. Putting this into practice though has involved quite a bit of letting go. Choosing what to show is difficult.  

I took a writing seminar once that summed up the process of editing: omit needless words. That stuck with me. Since images are my voice, perhaps I should apply that idea to my portfolio. I want to show you all of my artwork, but unfortunately that is overwhelming even for me. So I am adopting a "less is more" policy. Less art on the website means less website-work for me and more focus for you so it's a win-win idea.

Your questions and comments welcome! 
For more background about these changes please see Hard Reboot.


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