Shop Early for the Best Deals

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Shop Early for the Best Deals

Custom made products take a little longer to arrive than mass produced items, so be prepared by shopping early. Most of the products on Essential Editions take 2-3 weeks to produce, but others only take a week or so. Still other items are already made and waiting to be shipped to you. Here is what to expect:   

25% Off November 1-20: Bonus! You get a fantastic discount plus you know your items will arrive in time for gift giving. This is also a great time to order greeting cards and holiday decor.

20 % Off November 21- December 1: Good going! You get a great deal plus you are confident of receiving your gifts before the holidays. Greeting cards can still arrive in about 1 ½ weeks, and home decor should arrive in time for the big day.

10% Off December 2-December 9: I know life is complicated, but I still want you to get a deal. Visit the homepage to find a list of unique gift items that will still arrive in time for wrapping.

5% Off December 10- December 16: Santa’s little helper is here for you! I have some reasonably priced ready-to-hang original paintings that are all but in the mail, just say the word. I also have a supply of Note Cards ready to ship.

Each product description on Essential Editions mentions typical production time. If you’re uncertain about timing please don’t hesitate to contact me

Oh, and don’t forget shipping is free and returns are welcome!


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