Meet the Artist

Kristin Doner

Kristin Doner began her art career in the field of graphics, which is where she had her first introduction to computers. Eventually, she was working at a high-tech firm producing visual concepts and illustrations on a computer. She remembers feeling frustrated that she couldn’t touch any of the work she was making. 

This tactile frustration led her back to working with clay, something that gave her direction and meaning in her youth. Before long, ceramics dominated her life again, and she left the high-tech world to carve out a profession as a ceramic artist. She enjoyed great success with her hand-built ceramics, but eventually returned to school after 9/11 to reset her compass. After graduation she found herself without a studio, so explored ways to create without one. Ironically, she settled on the computer as her studio, a complex creative outlet. 

Featuring patterns found in nature, this work is surprisingly organic and painterly, quite the opposite of her previous experience with computers. Instead this work is a challenge and a thrill to make, as each new composition becomes an exploration. The computer, this time, is just a tool, not an interference.

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